Modul University

MODUL University Vienna (MU), the internationally-oriented organization for research and education on tourism, sustainable development, new media technology and public governance was the Club's excursion destination in February.

Located at the Kahlenberg, the university's  panorama terrace boasts the best views in the city, looking over the Danube river, the wine-growing hills surrounding the university, and the city of Vienna including some outer districts and was the place where the trade delegates met to be welcomed by Prof.Dr. Sabine Sedalcek, Vice President of the MODUL University Vienna.

MODUL University Vienna is a private university established in 2007 by the Vienna Economic Chamber of Commerce, focusing on social and economic development, as Professor Sedlacek explained in her introduction: "MODUL University Vienna seeks to overcome the institutionalized separation between basic research, which is dedicated to producing knowledge without regard to its usability, and applied research, which is carried out with a conscious view on its direct applicability in our daily lives."

The goal of MODUL Research Gmbh, headed by Professor Sedlacek, is, on the one hand, to communicate the practical relevance of the basic research that is conducted by the faculty and graduate students at MODUL University Vienna. At the same time, the faculty and staff seek to engage in research projects that provide implementable solutions to problems that private firms, industry associations, groups in civil society, and governmental organizations have identified as important.

Mag. Andreas Schweighofer, Assistant Managing Director, informed the trade delegates about the university?'s international activities and partnerships. MU builds upon an international network of partner universities, commercial enterprises and public institutions. Its faculty comprises renowned Austrian and international scholars who have a strong commitment to develop this young organization into a leading research platform in its fields. About 64%of the university's 650 students are from abroad, 67 different nationalities are represented.

In 2016 the Modul University Campus Dubai started its operations, the first campus of an Austrian private university outside of Europe. Another campus in Nanjing will open soon.

The MODUL University offers various programs:  Bachelor, Master and PhDs, all taught in English, such as: The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Tourism and Hospitality Management which provides students with state of the art management competencies and leadership skills to pursue international careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Master of Science (MSc) in International Tourism Management (ITM) graduate program prepares students to best address the future needs of the global tourism industry. The program focuses on leadership and management specifically relevant to hospitality-related companies, tourism marketing, tourism planning organizations, and policy makers. The MSc program in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy (SDMP) invites students from diverse backgrounds to explore sustainability through a multidisciplinary lens. The program strives to build a high level of expertise among its graduates for analyzing conditions and problems related to sustainability and for effective solution design.

Like other leading national and international universities, MODUL University has established a platform for industry research with ties to partners in the industry, a network of agreements with academic partners and affiliations to other important public players. This has been done so in order to enable permeability between fundamental and applied research as well as to enable a precise, visible representation to the public.



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