HTL Mödling

HöhereTechnischeLehranstalt - a Higher Technical Education School within the framework of the Austrian Education System.

The last CdH event in 2016 was the visit to HTL-MÖDLING, about 20 km south of Vienna. HTL - HöhereTechnischeLehranstalt - is a Higher Technical Education School within the framework of the Austrian Education System. Our delegation of the Club was welcomed by the Principal of HTL-Mödling, Eng. Mag. Harald Hrdlicka and several specialist teachers of the school in the ceremonial hall.

Eng. Mag. Hrdlicka gave an overview of the activities of the school with its eleven departments, such as Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Wood Technology, Interior Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering.

He pointed out that the training at HTL's in Austria contributes substantially to maintaining the high quality and standards of the industrial and crafts production and at the same time to keeping youth unemployment comparatively low. The 3.400 students, 400 teachers and 86 administrative and other employees make HTL-Mödling  the largest school of its kind in Austria. The Principal informed us that the origins of the school date back a hundred years.

HTL-Mödling is offering three different types of education:
- Higher secondary departments: 5 years of advanced technical training for higher vocational requirements, graduation with higher secondary school leaving exam (= A-levels, senior high school certificate), Austrian engineer title awarded after 3 years of practice, graduates may study at university or at an university of applied sciences
- Technical schools : 4 years, with an emphasis on practical and applied training, relevant licenses awarded in accordance with the Austrian Trade Code
- Post-secondary colleges / advanced studies : 4 semesters, short circle study courses (SHE) leading to a vocational qualification for higher vocational requirements
HTL-Mödling graduates have an outstanding reputation in their fields with a very successful track record in national and international competitions.

Eng. Mag. Hrdlicka showed us most of the laboratories in different buildings whilst students were working there. Labs are in excellent condition, some of them state of the art.
Some of his specialist teachers showed us around the remaining labs linked to the different departments. The school consists of the main building erected before World War I and numerous additional buildings such as laboratories,  restaurant, three cafeterias, gym, two boarding houses (optional) in a total area of 25 hectar which is 250.000 m². Altogether there are 33 buildings.
During the Q&A session some of the trade delegates showed concrete interest in a cooperation of similar educational institutions in their countries with HTL-Mödling. The Principal informed us, that there are already some cooperation agreements with schools and universities outside Austria in existence and uttered interest in additional contacts.


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