Austrian Power Grid Control Centre

On 21 March 2019 a delegation of 20 visited the control centre of Austrian Power Grid (APG), the national electricity transmission system operator. In close cooperation with the transmission system operators in the neighbouring European countries, APG monitors, coordinates and controls cross-border electricity flows and, within the framework of ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), guarantees a long-term and sustainable electricity supply in Austria and central Europe.As control area manager, Austrian Power Grid AG is required by law to provide for a stable, secure transmission grid, especially considering Austria's central role in the European electricity market.

The Power Grid Control Centre was commissioned in south-east Vienna in 2009. It forms the nerve centre of the Austrian transmission grid. The facility is characterized not only by its striking architecture, but also by the modern and state-of-the-art technology that is employed.
Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Misak, APG's head of section Security of Supply, was our host for the afternoon and began the program with a very comprehensive presentation explaining the activities and responsibilities of APG.  In his presentation Mr Misak described the nature and functioning of the Austrian national grid and of the wider electricity distribution network in the European region surrounding Austria.  At the same time he clarified many of the related technologies and technicalities of the subject and outlined many of the current and future challenges facing the sector, especially in relation to guaranteeing the supply of electricity to industrial and domestic consumers in the region.

Following the presentation our delegation was taken to the control room viewing balcony from where we could see the operating staff at work and the schematic screen diagram of the regional network showing varous operating parameters. Then we were taken to the adjacent substation where electricity is taken from the high voltage cross-country supply and transformed to lower voltages for distribution to local south-eastern Vienna regions. Mr Misak pointed out the main features of the installation and explained their functions.
Light refreshments were provided and our host answered all questions with clarity and enthusiasm which was much appreciated by the delegation.


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