Ganztages-Ausflug: Kössler GmbH, Geschützte Werkstatt St. Pölten, Ecopoint / Business Location St. Pölten, Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH und eine St. Pölten Sightseeing Tour

Our delayed visit to the administrative centre of Lower Austria was well worth the wait.  The executive management of the hydro turbine manufacturer Kössler, the special human resources application centre, GW St. Pölten, the railway turnout manufacturing plant, Weichenwerk Wörth, and, not to forget, the St. Pölten local authority, all went to a great deal of effort to give us as good an insight as possible into how their organizations go about providing their top quality products and services.

Kössler GmbH & Co KG, Wasserkraftanlagen

The company, Kössler, a subsidiary of Voith Hydro, is a complete supplier of small hydro power plants - including engineering, production, assembly and commissioning. Their portfolio covers the development and production of a wide variety of turbines, as well as the automation of hydro power stations. Kössler emphasises continuous and sustainable growth. About 100 employees design, manufacture and install about 40 to 50 new turbine facilities per year both in Austria and abroad. The company was honoured by the government of the Republic of Austria for its activities in the small hydropower sector.

Geschützte Werkstatt St. Pölten-Integrative Betriebe GmbH

Founded in 1981 with five employees, GW St. Pölten has become a modern, innovative and certified industrial company with about 420 employees.
They provide industrial services in accordance with international industrial and quality standards in the areas of metal and electronics manufacturing and logistics - realised by people with disabilities and special needs in order to create additional social added value. The remuneration of employees is based on the collective agreement for the metal industry.

Business Location St. Pölten, welcome by mayor Mag. Matthias Stadler

Ecopoint - first stop shop for the economy, functions as a competent and customer-oriented intermediary centre between investors, the city, the province of Lower Austria, the Republic of Austria and the EU.
Years of experience and cooperation with national and regional business establishment agencies, such as the province of Lower Austria and ecoplus benefit you, as an investor or company, in St. Pölten. The establishment of networks, maintenance of contacts, in addition to cooperation on interdisciplinary projects, form the basis for mutual growth in St. Pölten.

Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH

Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH (WWG) is a full-line supplier of railway track turnouts and related components, offering products and services across the entire turnout life cycle. The company is a specialist in the manufacture of turnouts, components, insulated joints and buffer stops for standard gauge and industrial railways.
Under its WS Logistik brand, WWG is one of Europe's market leaders in turnout logistics and operates a fleet of 15 tilt wagons (WTM). In 2012 WWG became a true full-service supplier by opening the most modern wooden sleeper drilling shop in Europe.

City sightseeing tour in St. Pölten

Baroque, Jugendstil and Modern architecture meet and mingle in St. Pölten. On a journey through time the trade delegates got a glimpse of what life must have been in centuries past.




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