World market leader in the production of fruit preparations, leading supplier of sugar and customer-specific starch products.

On 23 November, 2017 The Club for Trade Delegates together with other members of the Diplomatic Community, invited by our cooperation partner SOCIETY Magazin, visited AGRANA Stärke GmbH in Pischlsdorf near Tulln, Lower Austria.

AGRANA is a leading supplier of SUGAR in Central, Eastern & South-Eastern Europe, a major manufacturer of customer-specific STARCH products and BIOETHANOL in Europe as well as WORLD MAKET LEADER in the production of FRUIT PREPARATIONS.

Plant Manager Josef EISENSCHENK presented the AGRANA Starch GmbH in Pischelsdorf and gave us a tour of the prodction site. The factory in Pischelsdorf is specialised in processing and adding value to high quality agricultural commodities such as corn, potatoes and wheat to make a wide range of differentiated starch products.
The cooperation with customers and the development of tailor-made solutions has enabled the Starch segment of AGRANA to continuously grow and be commercially successful. The priority is and remains making top quality starch products employing modern and environmentally sensitive methods.
Among other fields AGRANA supplies numerous sectors of industry with organic and GMO-free starches and speciality starch products and is also a producer of bioethanol for use as an environmentally friendly fuel.
AGRANA Stärke GmbH oversees the Austrian starch business and coordinates the activities of the subsidiaries and holding companies of the Starch segment in Hungary and Romania. The Starch segment includes a total of five production facilities.
After having finished the tour we were received by the CEO of AGRANA GROUP, Mr. Johann MARIHART. He gave us a most impressive overview of all the main activities of AGRANA GROUP.
AGRANA has more then 50 sites across the world. Corporate key financials 2016/17 show a revenue of 2,561.3 Mio. EUR and an EBIT of 172.4 Mio. EUR. AGRANA has 8,600 employees worldwide and creates an estimate 31,000 indirect jobs globally.
In addition to the production  of starch products AGRANA is the only Austrian producer of sugar and became one of the world leading companies in the production of fruit juice concentrate, it also produces beverage compounds, fruit wines and flavors as well as direct juices for the drinks processing industry.
Thus AGRANA is among the leading companies in Austria.


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