TTech Computertechnik AG is the technology leader in robust networked safety controls.

Best-in-class products to improve the safety and reliability of networked computer systems, used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, off-highway, energy production or railway. Dr. Stefan Poledna, Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board presented the company.

TTTech was established in 1998 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) based on 30 years of research in Europe and the US. This extensive research and development work provides a mature basis for our core technology to build applications in safety-critical areas. Today TTTech has offices in nine different countries with more than 500 employees worldwide.

TTTech follows a "One-Stop Shop" strategy, providing customers with first-rate products and services for the development of embedded systems. Worldwide market leaders use our deterministic network solutions in commercial production programs for the aerospace & space, automotive, off-highway and industrial sector. TTTech solutions are applied cross-industry, e.g. in the automotive sector (AUDI), aerospace  (Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier), space (NASA) or Energy (Vestas).

TTTech's research work focuses on time-triggered protocols, determinism and real time performance for safety-relevant data communication and control in mixed-criticality applications. Research partners are the Berkeley University of California, the University of Kansas, Michigan Technological University, FH JOANNEUM, Technical University Vienna (TU) and many more.

TTTech is carrying on the time-triggered data communication approach invented by Prof. Hermann Kopetz at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria. TTTech's offerings are using and further deploying this enormous potential for solving complex technical problems for embedded, mixed-criticality system designs of today?s and future cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things. In order to achieve these ambitious goals TTTech closely cooperates with customers worldwide in manifold industrial domains.


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