Club of Trade Delegates visit to Baxter Bio-Science

Club of Trade Delegates visit to Baxter Bio-Science, 22 March 2007: At 2pm on the day, over 30 members of the CdH boarded the bus which took them to the site of Baxter Bio-Science in the 22 district of Vienna. Soon after arrival, the group was received by Dr Noel Barrett, vice president of R&D Vaccines, Baxter AG, who then gave a comprehensive talk on the structure and activities of the Baxter group of companies and the major role played by Baxter, Austria. Then 4 further presentations were given in turn by Dr Denis Cavert, vice president of marketing and sales in Europe, Baxter Vaccines; Christine Schmatz, plant manager, Baxter Bio-Science; Jean-Marie Vlassembrouck, vice president of global industry affairs, Baxter Bio-Science; and Karl Petrovsky, senior manager of global industry affairs, Baxter Bio-Science.
Following the presentations, the visitors again boarded the bus and were driven to other parts of the extensive complex where the group was split into two tour parties. One of these parties did a tour of the plasma purification facility, and the other did a tour of the pharmaceutical production plant. Then it was back to the reception and administration building for a light buffet and an opportunity for free discussion with the above-mentioned hosts, which was put to good advantage.


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