Leads the world market in production machinery for sacks, packaging fabrics, and technical textiles woven from plastic tapes

We were received by the co-owner and Managing Partner of the company, Ms. Angelika Huemer, as well as Director Hermann Adrigan, who gave us an overview about the production range and distribution system of the company. Afterwards we were led through the production facilities where Ms. Huemer and Mr. Adrigan showed us impressive machinery for producing woven plastic packaging and circular woven plastic sacks. We could observe some trial runs and were led afterwards to the production unit for recycling, where Ms. Huemer and Regional Sales Manager recycling technology, Mr. Helmut Fliesser, showed us around. In a final meeting Ms. Huemer and her management were ready to answer the many questions about the activities of this technology leader.

As an innovative European engineering company and world market leader, Starlinger specialises in machinery and process technology for

- the production of woven plastic packaging
- the recycling and refinement of a wide scope of plastics
- the conversion of r-PET flakes to sheet and fabric.

The family-owned company was founded in 1835 and has production sites in Weissenbach and St. Martin in Austria as well as in Taicang, China. An export quota of over 99.5 % proves that Starlinger is a truly international supplier of high-level technology to customers in more than 130 countries. Starlinger sales and service centres are located in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Thailand,
Uzbekistan and the United States; in other countries the company is represented by agencies.

Leader in machinery for woven packaging production

Starlinger is the world's only A to Z supplier of complete turnkey plants for the production of circular woven plastic sacks. The product portfolio comprises tape extrusion lines, winders, circular looms, lines for coating, printing and sack conversion and machinery for the recycling of production scrap. The sacks produced on Starlinger lines are used mainly for packaging bulk goods such as food grains, sugar, flour, animal feed, fertilizer and cement, but also for FIBCs (big bags / jumbo bags) or technical fabrics such as carpet backing or geotextiles. Examples of well-known packaging solutions developed by Starlinger are the patented AD*STAR block bottom valve sack, the PP*STAR pinch
bottom sack for end consumer applications and the CB*STAR carrier bag. The latest innovation is the development of Starlinger's "bottle to bag" technology for the production of sack fabric from new or recycled PET, or even from PET bottle flakes.

Plastics recycling, decontamination and odour reduction

Starlinger recycling technology offers recycling lines for a wide range of plastics such as PE, PP, PA, PS, BOPP and PET. Starlinger PET recycling systems produce food-safe r-PET in a process that has been approved for use in food applications by many brand owners as well as various national and international authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Starlinger viscotec specialises in decontamination technology for PET and HDPE (to guarantee food safety) and provides equipment that increases the intrinsic viscosity of the material. Moreover, the division offers PET sheet lines that produce sheet from up to 100% recycled PET.


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