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Österreichische (Austrian) Post AG, main sorting and distribution centre

Our first CdH event after the summer break was the visit to the main sorting and distribution centre of the Österreichische (Austrian) Post  AG located in Inzersdorf, Vienna.

Since the privatization of the organization 10 years ago, Austrian Post AG has achieved a growth in turnover of 38% and now provides one of the most efficient postal services world-wide. Each year Austrian Post AG delivers 860m letters, 590m addressed direct mail items, 4.1bn unaddressed mail items, 690m print media, and 290m regional media. Austrian Post AG is also the majority owner of subsidiaries in many Eastern European countries. The centre at Inzersdorf, Vienna is highly automated and the largest of the company's 6 sorting and distribution centres in Austria.

After an overview of the services of the company, Mr. Christoph Hadek (head of the sorting and distribution centre Vienna) pointed out the challenges that arise with the progressive digitalization and the challenge to recognize new opportunities for growth. The trade delegates were especially interested in the possibility of postal delivery with drones in some years, in "Gemeinschaftsbriefkästen" for single family housesandin the statutory framework for postal services.

Furthermore the trade delegates had the opportunity to visit the sorting and distribution centre of the Austrian Post  AG with a size of 60.000m² and its 75 kilometers long conveyor belt. In accordance with the format of the letters different kinds of machines sort the letters corresponding to the postalcode. Sales catalogues are sorted by a special machine. The whole sorting process is highly automated and ensures the delivery of the letters in only one day. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Hadek the Österreichische Post AG constantly strives for perfection.

Especially impressive was the 75 kilometers long conveyorbelt which extends through the whole hall and connects the different sorting machines. At the end of the process the well-known "orange letter transport boxes" leave the conveyor belt sorted by the printed local code ready for dispatch.

Dr. Hadek also pointed out that international letters are only sorted in accordance with the country. Due to country-specific systems of transport boxes these letters are collected in the old fashioned postbags for their dispatch.
Although the lower proportion of letters is transported by train due to logistical issues, the mail sorting centre still has a train connection. Based on the fact that the majority of the letters is transported by car Austrian Post AG is owner of the largest vehicle fleet in Austria. For being a carbon-neutral company also e-vehicles are consequently used.

The president of the trade delegates Ron Willis took the opportunity to send a letter on the journey starting at one of the most modern sorting and distribution centres in the world.



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